Heating Resistance Wire and Ribbon, Heating Wire

Senphus Electrical Material Company Ltd. was established in China in 2003. At the beginning, we originally focused on smelting and the production of heating alloys. Since that time, however, our company has grown into a professional heating product manufacturer, integrating research, production, distribution, and sales. Our wide range of products includes our precision resistance wire, thermocouple wire, PVC heating wire, underfloor heating cable, anti-freeze pipe heating cable, silicone rubber heating pad, Kapton flexible heater, and more. Other products, such as our large industrial temperature control system and wind blade mold flip system, are also available.

At Senphus, we employ many professional engineers. Our experts have conducted research and have worked with experts from renowned domestic universities for more than 10 years. Relying on our rich experience and technical expertise in the heating alloy wire field, we have created cutting-edge heating cable production machinery and technology.